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Erin Cole-Baker was born in the USA and raised in the beach filled rural Northland of New Zealand.  Her songwriting and live delivery comes from a place of great honesty and beauty, lead by her gorgeous silvery voice and extraordinary sense of melody. Erins’ songs are deep, gritty reflections on being human, guided by rich velvety vocals on both electric and acoustic guitars.

Erin called Oregon home for six years in which she released Talon and Spur in 2009 and Big Sky in 2011, and where she established herself as "One of the more constant and compelling voices on the Central Oregon music scene” (GO! Magazine), becoming a Breedlove artist and returning to her roots in New Zealand to raise a family.

After a seven year break to focus on raising her two daughters, Cole-Baker released her album “Till the feeling’s right” in May 2018.   Erin was funded by Outward Sound (NZ) to attend the International Folk Alliance Conference in Kansas City, and in August and September toured through California, Oregon and Washington and was the Breedlove Guitar artist for Sisters Folk Festival 2018.

In May 2019 Erin and her family moved to the USA, bought an RV and are touring the Northwest playing music at Festivals, venues and house concerts to connect with a larger community.

Erin is also part of Little Ripples, who have released their debut self titled album of sweet harmony filled family music in 2018 and due to release their second album in September.


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