Taonga (treasure, gift) + Album release 19th of MAY!!!!!

Lately I've been wearing this Taonga a special friend gave me years ago. The twist in this green stone necklace symbolizes unwavering connection. Like the arms of a twist which always return you'll explore, you'll grow, but at some point you'll always return to the roots. For me, this reminds me of the deep important connection between music and people.

To me it's so amazing how each person is so uniquely made. We all are born with seeds inside of us to grow and nurture. These become our roots. Music is my roots.

To have the courage to face our uniqueness head on, embrace and accept ourselves is the most difficult task. It seems much easier to close that door to the heart and run away from ourselves with distractions, but our roots call us back. Music calls me back every time!
"Music sowed a seed inside, I've been shut down, I've tried to hide. Songs they call from deep to deep, it shakes my core, but it sets me free" (last verse of "Till the Feeling's right").

Each one of us is unique! ALL are important! Following your unique path MATTERS. My music matters! (this is difficult for me to say!)

It's so easy to compare with the next person. But I firmly believe that every life is equally important! I hope my music can be a Taonga in your life, a gift in following your path and finding your roots. - I'm so pleased to be able to finally release my album "Till the feeling's right" 19th of MAY!!!!